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Indigo H2O Branding for Precept Partners
I was approached by Precept to design a website for a small local client of theirs who was starting a line of amazing bottled water. As we began working, though, it became clear that a more comprehensive branding package was needed. Our client had already selected a striking blue bottle, but hadn't developed a look or a message for his product.

I started with the logo and label design along with a full day of product photography. Since the budget was tight, I did the photography myself and then touched it up in Photoshop. Then we got to work on messaging and image, focusing on his product's main selling points.

The owner ultimately decided to go a different direction with the website, but the overall branding approach stuck and has made Indigo H2O one of the more striking products on the shelf.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Product photography, logo design, label design, print coordination, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, high-resolution photo illustration, website design

Project Time:
Approximately four weeks including several rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
Indigo H2O is currently sold in high-end markets such as Whole Foods and was featured in celebrity gift bags at the 2015 Oscars.
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