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DeVry Master's in Education Brochure for Upside Marketing
One of our first projects for DeVry University at Upside was this beautiful brochure for their Master's in Education program. There were alot of parameters to work within: we had to make use of existing brand standards, but at the same time develop a new and striking look that would set their MiE program apart.

We decided to go with black and white photography complimented with color selections from their existing brand palette. The result was a striking, motivating, professional piece of literature. It features a simple breakdown of the course, the required classes, and sidebars with statistics and testimonials from past graduates.

Copy writing by Heather Gradowski. Art Direction by Chris Blackwood.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Photo search, Adobe InDesign, brochure design

Project Time:
Approximately four weeks including several rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
The brochure was successfully produced and implemented as a new design system for their Master's in Education program.
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