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Lakota Branding Package for Upside Marketing
This is one of my favorite projects I did for Upside because it involved everything I love about being a designer. I was responsible for taking an existing product, getting to the heart of the story, and developing a message and look that told that story.

As a part of our initial pitch to Lakota, I spent two solid weeks developing concepts for a dozen different branding pieces, from a streamlined logo and tag line, to brochures, a website, product catalogs, stand-up banners, ads... I did everything. And it all looked fabulous. The main focus of the pitch was the client's product line shown in the midst of the riding lifestyle. This required me to digitally add the trailers into almost every single photo since all we had to work with was product shots from existing catalogs.

As a part of the package, I also developed concepts for a rewards club and direct marketing to existing customers. I still love looking at these pieces all together.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, literature design, website design, high-res photo illustration, photo search

Project Time:
Every minute of two weeks

Results and Application:
The client liked the look so much, they rushed the stand-up banners into production for a trade show before the rest of the package had even been approved.
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