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VonDuprin Exit Device Launch for Upside Marketing
VonDuprin and Ingersoll Rand were long time clients of Upside and I got the chance to work on a number of big projects for them. But this was one of my favorites because I got to build it from the ground up.

We had no product photography to work with, so our 3-D animator build the product and the door as a 3-D model. I used those elements to build the cutaway illustrations we used to demonstrate how the product worked.

For the theme of the launch, we came up with this great first-person approach to the that spoke in the voice of the two major target audiences. The look and feel is bold, gritty, straightforward, and works with IR's existing branding.

The launch package included a product brochure, a sell-sheet, stand-up banners, a counter mat, a website module, and a mobile app.

Copy writing by Heather Gradowski. Art direction by Chris Blackwood. 3-D renders by Mike Balmes.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, literature design, photo search, high resolution photo illustration

Project Time:
Four weeks including several rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
The launch package successfully drew attention to a product that had been kept under wraps for quite awhile. It walked the fine line of staying within IR's brand standards while still setting the new product apart.
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