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Gast Tradeshow Handout for Upside Marketing
This project reminds me of how fun it was to work with the talented people at Upside. It was a real team effort to pull together a great piece of literature with limited resources and limited time.

Gast needed a piece to introduce their new dental vacuum system at a tradeshow. The product was so new, it didn't even have a name yet. Needless to say, there was no product photography. So the team went to work and I got to hone my ninja skills. We needed to make it clear what the product was, where it was being used, and what its major advantages were as compared to competitor's products. We did this with a series of charts that compared it to existing products from various angles such as power consumption, water use, and size.

To show the product in use, our 3-D animator created a perfect model of the new pump from blueprints and provided me renders at several angles. I then did a high-res photo illustration of the pump in place in a dental office.

We had a lot of information to pack into a small, number 10 brochure, but keeping Gast's bright, clean look in mind helped my keep this piece on track. It was alot of fun.

Copy writing by Heather Gradowski. Art direction by Chris Blackwood. 3-D render by Mike Balmes.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign,Adobe Photoshop, literature design, photo search, high resolution photo illustration

Project Time:
One week including a few rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
The handout worked great and successfully introduced Gast's new product to their audience at their trade show.
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