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JBL Catalog Background for Aubrey Burkhart
Every once in a while, I get to collaborate with other great designers on projects. Sometimes they need someone with a slightly different skillset and sometimes they've just got too much on their plate and they need some help. In this case, Aubrey had a crazy deadline and alot of highly detailed photo illustration to get done.

Enter the Design Ninja.

The client, JBL, supplied us with high resolution location shots, but asked for them to be heavily edited to remove distracting details. I had to build walls, recreate the floor, and add realistic shadows and reflections completely from scratch and all in one working day. The finished product was very convincing.

Ninja Skills Applied:
High-resolution photo illustration, Adobe Photoshop, stock photography search

Project Time:
One day

Results and Application:
The finished illustration was used a background for a catalog spread. Ms. Burkhart later added finished product photography of high end speakers to the image.
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