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Squid Anchors Illustration for Precept Partners
My web friends at Precept Partners came to me for this one on behalf of a small client they were building an e-commerce site for. The gentlemen at Squid Anchors had a very specific idea about how they wanted to show their product being used. The problem is, their product is used under water. And they had no photography of any kind. So I was asked to put together a photo illustration.

The project involved one day of running around shooting photos and one day of intense illustration work. I got my hands on one of their anchors and took pictures of it from every possible angle. I borrowed a friend's kayak to use for the boat and my sister-in-law to sit for the fisherman. And I purchased two different stock photos to create the lake.

The finished piece took about eight hours to complete.

Ninja Skills Applied:
High-resolution photo illustration, Adobe Photoshop, product and model photography, stock photo search

Project Time:
Two days

Results and Application:
The finished illustration was used on the client's website and in product literature.
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