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Door Hardware Illustrations for Upside Marketing
Schlage's Residential Catalog was the first big project I worked on for Upside shortly after I started with them. Pretty much everyone in the office was working on this to meet the tight deadline. We had dozens of product photos and diagrams to keep organized and alot of photo illustration to do.

Each of the two dozen illustrations I completed consisted of a photo of door hardware, a photo of a plain door and a stock photo background which we had to find. I had to color the door to go with the backgrounds we selected, then put the hardware on the door digitally adding shadows and highlights to make it look realistic.

At my best, I was doing three or four of these a day and when it was all over, everyone was very proud of the piece. We used the techniques we developed during this project for years afterward in almost every piece we did for Schlage.

Ninja Skills Applied:
High-resolution photo illustration, Adobe Photoshop, stock photo search

Project Time:
Approximately two weeks

Results and Application:
The finished catalog remains one of the most successful pieces of literature Schlage has ever published for its residential line.
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