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Thrill on the Hill Poster Illustration for the City of Buchanan
Thrill on the Hill is an annual tubing event Buchanan has been hosting for the last several years. For their first one, they wanted to do some marketing to help build some excitement and to get the word out. However, since they'd never done it before, they didn't have any photography to use. So this was a chance for me to help my community with some budget Ninja work.

I used two stock photos as the base for the piece and then shot my own reference of the background and the inner tube. Making everything work together was a little tricky, but with the text and logo on top of everything, it worked out pretty well. And the event was a great success.

Ninja Skills Applied:
High-resolution photo illustration, Adobe Photoshop, location photography

Project Time:
Two days

Results and Application:
All product illustrations were completed on time to client specifications. The catalog went to press on time.
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