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Website Design for Arlene's Wedding Cakes
Arlene has been making wedding cakes in the Niles area for years. She and her daughter Beth are practically legends. The site they asked me to design was pretty straightforward. They obviously wanted it to look good, but they also wanted to start using the site to take orders and generate leads.

Beth supplied me with a ton of great photos to work with so I used them as the centerpiece of the design. The background elements are very light and flowery done in off-whites and muted pastels, reminiscent of cake icing.

The sites main features are a client-editable gallery which can display as many of their recent cake designs as they want, and a contact and estimate form allowing potential clients to describe the cake they want and submit it for an estimate. This was a quick project and fairly small, but the results were great.

Development by Jacob Wozniak.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Website design, Adobe Photoshop

Project Time:
Approximately one week

Results and Application:
Arlene and Beth saw results from the new site immediately. Clients started using the form and they had more specific leads to follow up on than they could handle. The keyword-rich copy we wrote for her helped with local search results as well.
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