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Wear to Win Website Design for Precept Partners
It's always great to be able to get to know the owners of a company before starting project, especially when they're passionate about their business. The ladies at Wear to Win know their stuff and they make beautiful, high-quality sportswear.

The site I was hired to design was their first real e-commerce site, so they wanted to get it right. We ended up deciding on a look that was sporty and contemporary, but had a decidedly feminine slant. The result makes use of alot of white accented with pink, blue and green. The focus stays on the products with lifestyle imagery used throughout to help speak to potential customers.

In addition to the design work, I helped establish a voice for the brand with some creative headline writing.

Development by Pixlogix.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Retail website design, Adobe Photoshop

Project Time:
Approximately two months including numerous rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
After design were approved and developed, the design files were provided to their in-house design staff to use as templates for future updates. The company's product line has continued to expand.
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