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Website Design for Empire Machines
Empire is a machine shop in Niles, Michigan and they're one of my local clients. They were at a point where they were ready to expand their client base and they knew they needed a solid web-presence to do that. Even so, they didn't really need anything more than an effective brochure site.

I started the project by touring the shop and learning a little bit about what they did. While I was there, I took pictures of everything for use in the design.

I did about half a dozen concepts for them trying to establish a look that suited who they were as a company. We decided on a feel that was decidedly industrial, but not dirty. Their shop is immaculate and they are all about precision. The site reflects those values.

I also designed a form page that allowed prospective clients to easily upload drawings to help streamline the estimating process.

Development by Jake Wozniak.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Website design, Adobe Photoshop, location photography, photo illustration

Project Time:
Approximately three weeks including several rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
Clients started using the upload feature right away and it succeeded in streamlining the initial contact and estimating process.
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