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Website Design for K-Mold and Engineering
K-Mold is another local machine shop I was able to get to know quite well. They contacted me about creating a first-rate brochure site after hearing about the success of Empire Machine's new site.

As with the Empire project, I started by touring their shop, learning about their business photographing everything I could. We then sat down and worked out exactly what the site needed to do and what they wanted it to accomplish.

I did several concepts for them trying to hit the same industrial-yet-professional look I had established for Empire. The result was successful and fit with their existing brand and voice.

Development by Jake Wozniak.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Website design, Adobe Photoshop, location photography, photo illustration

Project Time:
Approximately five weeks including several rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
The new site has drawn attention to K-Mold's experience and professionalism and has helped them to grow their business.
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