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Stone Horses Website Design for Precept Partners
Stone Horses is a small group of artisans who produce high-quality, custom painted model horses for collectors and enthusiasts. They're very well-known and their customers adore their work and craftsmanship. When Precept Partners took them on as a client, they asked me to help develop a website that told their story as well as made on-line ordering easy.

Most of the site's functionality was pretty straightforward e-commerce design. We needed category pages and product pages. But the real fun of this project was in working with such beautiful product and capturing the emotion that exists in a relationship with a horse.

I adopted a look and feel based riding tack: leather and metal. The look is old fashioned and romantic, but still has a clean, easy feel to it. I'm still doing seasonal web updates for Stone Horses and I always love seeing their new models.

Development by Pixlogix.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Responsive website design, Adobe Photoshop, photo search, photo illustration

Project Time:
Approximately five weeks including several rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
The site was developed to be viewed and navigated easily on desktop monitors as well as mobile devices and tablets. Information is presented clearly and ordering is simple regardless of format.
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