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RunHelper App and Website Design for Bluefin Software
The RunHelper program was an initiative Bluefin undertook to tie together the various fitness apps they had developed over the years. The app featured a free and a paid version which allowed more options and greater interactivity.

The stats website allowed users to keep track of all workouts completed using Bluefin fitness apps, track their progress, and get the most out of their effort and their purchases.

The app required the design of about a dozen screens along with various functionality variations such as expanded menus. The website design was an organizational challenge in that I had to come up a way to easily tie together many different kinds of results.

The result had a bright, modern, easy-to-use feel that accomplished exactly what Bluefin wanted.

Development by Alex Stankovic.

Ninja Skills Applied:
App design, website design, Adobe Photoshop

Project Time:
Approximately five weeks including several rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
The app design was finished in time for Bluefin to launch their initiative and tie it into the stats website. The app and access to the site were offered on the iTunes store. It is optimized for use on both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.
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