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Jeff Gaudette's Marathon App Design for Bluefin Software
This marathon app was another in a series of fitness apps developed by Bluefin Software. Like many of their other apps, the challenge was in organizing a great deal of information, making it easy to access, and in making what is essentially a bunch of numbers and words look attractive and fun.

The app allowed marathon-runners-in-training to access training programs developed by Mr. Gaudette based on their current fitness level. It allowed them to keep track of their progress and, map their runs, and analyze their results as they approached their race day.

I tried to get a clean, high tech look with a little bit of a down-and-dirty edge to it and I think I hit it. In addition to the screen designs, I also created some marketing screenshots for use on the App Store.

Development by Alex Stankovic.

Ninja Skills Applied:
App design, Adobe Photoshop

Project Time:
Approximately five weeks including several rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
The designs were approved by both the client and the developer and everything was tested and ready to go. Unfortunately, at the last minute, plans changed and the app was never launched. Very disappointing. But these things occasionally happen.
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