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7-Minute Workout App Design for Bluefin Software
This is a prime example of why I love working on app designs. Some of them are really complicated and require a whole meeting to sketch out and discuss. And then some of them are like this where it's a really simple concept that just needs to look good and do it's job.

The 7-Minute Workout app basically allows you to line up a series of stretches and exercises. When you start the timer, it shows you which exercise to do and tells you when to stop and start so you work out for seven minutes. Easy-peezy.

The timer needed to show a countdown for each exercise as well as overall elapsed time, so I broke it up into two concentric rings. Other features are music controls, the ability to pause and restart, or to replay exercises. The colors I chose are bright and clean, and the layout is easy to understand.

Development by Alex Stankovic.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Multi-platform app design, Adobe Photoshop

Project Time:
Three days

Results and Application:
Designed in one day, revisions on the second, sliced up and sent out for development on the third. I designed versions for vertical and horizontal orientations on both phones and tablets.
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