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Longevity Website Design for Precept Partners
The concept behind this project is interesting: Enter your symptoms and the proprietary software will tell you which acupressure points need attention and which herbs will be helpful. In addition, the doctors behind the idea have a whole library of tips and instructional documents they wanted to make available on-line.

The first thing we tackled on this project was the logo. I went for a very simple approach using the Chinese character for "longevity" as the O in the name. The result is light and modern with an ancient twist. Pretty brilliant, huh?

Next, Precept and I worked with the client to develop their primary messaging and the organization of their site. Once we had that wireframed, I moved on to page design. The concepts are full of imagery highlighting the benefits of acupressure, but the overall effect is clean, light and healthy.

The site includes an account structure that allows customers to access free information on acupressure as well as their past orders, an interface to access the diagnosis software and pay for the service, and a simple e-commerce area which allows customers to purchase herbs and acupressure tools.

Development by Pixlogix.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Responsive website design, Adobe Photoshop, photo search

Project Time:
Approximately four weeks including several rounds of revisions

Results and Application:
The clients were extremely pleased with the design and development of the site, as well as it's functionality on mobile devices. Integration of the diagnosis software was the hardest part, but it eventually got worked out.
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