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Crown Website Design for Precept Partners
I was really excited when Precept came to me with this project. Helping a well-established company to up their game is always an interesting challenge. I had already done some photo illustration work using Crown's products, so I was somewhat familiar with them, but this project involved coming up with a whole new look for them that fit with the high tech nature of their products.

The site is primarily informational, so I designed pages that would focus on individual products and on whole categories of products. I also developed a navigation system that would make it easy to find specific items.

The look is simple and very clean, but since Crown's products are mostly gray and silver, I used bright color in the background of the graphics to really set them off. I established a four-color palette and used them in various shades throughout the site. I also did some catchy copywriting for alot of the headlines.

Development by Pixlogix.

Ninja Skills Applied:
Website design, Adobe Photoshop

Project Time:
Approximately three weeks including minimal revisions

Results and Application:
The new site was a huge improvement over what Crown had up previously. The image files were provided to their in-house graphics team so they could create their own updates on an ongoing basis.
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