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Concealed Cable Illustrations for Upside Marketing
I did these illustrations of Von Duprin's new and top secret (at the time) concealed cable exit device as a part of a much larger launch initiative we'd been hired to do at Upside. There was no product photography so we had to build the whole thing from scratch starting with a 3-D model which would be used for various animations.

Our animator, Mike, started me out with renderings of every piece of the cable device and the door shot at exactly the same angle. From there, I pieced all those elements together and added shadows, texture, lighting and cutaways to show the device in a realistic, though impossible-to-photograph way.

You can see the finished pieces here.

Ninja Skills Applied:
High-resolution photo illustration, Adobe Photoshop

Project Time:
One week

Results and Application:
The finished illustrations were used in all printed and digital launch materials for the new product including brochures, sell sheets, web sites and apps.
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